HYLIGHT was present at the ASRM 2023 in New Orleans

Samuel Ojosnegros and other top experts in reproductive medicine met together in New Orleans to discuss the latest advances in reproductive care during the 79th annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Last 14th to 18th of October took place the 79th annual meeting of the ASRM. The event, held in New Orleans, US, is considered one of the most important and recognized congresses in the field of reproductive medicine. Multi-disciplinary professionals from different areas related with human reproduction presented the latest in genetics, male reproduction, endocrinology and infertility among others.

In this context, Samuel Ojosnegros presented HYLYGHT and showcased the impact of the project’s new methodology, that offers a robust classification of mammalian embryos based on 4D real-time-label-free hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence. This innovative pipeline offers a fast, non-invasive methodology that can be rapidly translated into a clinical device and is compatible with current assessment techniques at the IVF clinic.

The congress was an excellent opportunity to consolidate collaborations and to boost new ones, in a very enriching scientific environment.