HYLIGHT Project at the “AI Fertility World Conference 2022”

The HYLIGHT project was present at the AI Fertility World Conference 2022, which took place last September. Samuel Ojosnegros, coordinator of the project, explained in a talk the new technology being developed to assess embryo quality based on metabolic profiles and artificial intelligence (AI).

Last 15th -18th of September the first international conference on artificial intelligence (AI) and fertility, AI Fertility, brought together researchers from academia and industry to discuss AI present and future applications in human fertility. More than thirty panelists spoke at the AI Fertility World Conference 2022, and discussed about the recent scientific progress and breakthroughs in fields such as fertility evolution, current IVF treatments, the use of AI and big data in the IVF clinic, and AI regulation in fertility.

In the session focused on AI in fertility as it is today, Samuel Ojosnegros, PhD introduced the HIGHLIGHT Project which applies AI to the spectral signatures of metabolites to metabolically classify embryos non-invasively. Further development of the pipeline presented will provide the IVF field with a device able to safely select the embryo with the highest implantation potential. The talk was met with unprecedented feedback as the IVF field turns to AI to develop more objective, standardized, and efficient tools for evaluating human embryos.